The second season of Twitch Prize-Per-View live streaming begins on May 1st and will run until May 10th.
Twitch Drops
The new season of Twitch Drops has several changes to the Rules. To receive unique Twitch viewer content, you need to watch 14.5 hours of broadcasts in total for any number of days during the campaign.

In addition, each day, viewers will receive up to 4 additional prizes for watching, including Premium account days, Credits, Boosters, reserves, and the content and currency of the Victory Day 2022 event.
Unique twitch content
390 min
870 min
630 min
180 min
Blue Tartan Camo

Sea Hunter Emblem

Camera! Action! Emote

Shark Epic Outfit for Scout from Navy SEAL
Victory Day
What are Twitch Drops?
Twitch Drops are a tribute to viewers who are watching Twitch streams of the game of choice. To join the program as a viewer, link your Twitch account to Caliber’s account on our website. After that, just start viewing in the Caliber section on the days specified with Twitch Drops.
How do I get rewards?
To receive rewards you need:
1. Link your Caliber account to your Twitch account on your website profile.
2. Watch streams of Caliber from our partners.
3. Go to the Inventory section of the twitch. tv website and pick up the received awards.

Rewards can be credited over several days.
I already have what you're raffling off. Is it still worth participating?

If you already have some kind of Twitch Drops rewards on your account, we will credit compensation in Fragments upon reaching the required view time.
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